Who Would You Prefer?

Elisha Cuthbert vs. Alyssa Milano

Which of these two sports fans would you prefer to test out your game on?

Sheri Moon Zombie vs. Shantel Van Santen

Which of these queens would you prefer to hear screaming?

Amy Adams vs. Rachel McAdams

Which of these blue-eyed beauties would you prefer to discover waiting at home for you?

Ade Obayomi vs. Brandon Bryant

These two dancers burned up the floor in Season 5 of Fox's "So You Think You Can Dance." Which of these two hunks would you prefer to dance the horizontal mamba with?

Hayden Panettiere vs. Minka Kelly


Which of these nimble beauties would you prefer to hear calling out your name until her voice is hoarse?

Tom Cruise vs. Val Kilmer

They've definitely crashed and burned since, but when they were jockeying for the Top Gun trophy these two heartthrobs made more than a few bedroom windows rattle. Who would you prefer to have make a high speed pass at you?

Padma Lakshmi vs. Heidi Klum

Which of these two conocedoras would you prefer to have judge your presentation?